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Have you ever wondered what part you might have played in a quarrel? In a communication breakdown? In a misunderstanding? Don’t feel bad or be surprised if you answered “no”.

Why? Why is it easier to say that the problem is with the “other person” and not us? It seems to be inherently easier to say “I’m OK, you’re not” when considering interpersonal interactions. We naturally tend to look outside for the reasons for problems rather than within.

Hi guys, I think by now you must have got an idea about what I am talking about.

Yes! you guessed it right “Introspection”. You must be thinking why this sudden change in topic and why am I talking about this all of a sudden, have I lost my senses? but, no. I am just writing about things which I have experienced personally. Recently I was “Introspecting” about why do I react on things which do not even require acknowledgement, why do I get exasperated on small things? is the problem with me or them? and the list just goes on, before that I would like to mention that I am a very short tempered person ( don’t look like one, right?). However, self examination is a key to everything  which solves 90% of the problems (is tried and tested so you can always give it a try).

Anyway, before I forget that I write about fashion not philosophy, (can’t help it, being a literature student) lets get back to business. You must be thinking how this topic has anything to do with fashion? my inspiration here, will be nature and isolation. Nature being an epitome of ‘beauty in simplicity’ and isolation of ‘introspection’.  The looks which have been put together will give you the feel of both. Nature which will be reflecting the color scheme and how minimum things put together is beautiful in its own way. If summer is your happy place, you don’t necessarily need to give up on it for the cooler weather. 

So go scroll ahead and see how minimal fashion is actually a thing.



Look 1- 
1) White dress – Forever 21
2) Bell sleeves top – Forever New

Look 2 –
1) Puff sleeves shirt – Zara
2) Culottes – H&M
3) Brogues – Truffle collection ( Myntra)

Look 3- 
1) Crop sweater – Only 
2) Palazz0 – Thrifted 
3) White sneakers – Zara 
4) Quilted Bagpack – Pull and Bear 

Concept Inspiration – Mahika Agarwal 
Photography by – Varishth Gupta 

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