Blushing in Pink !

Which one is better? getting your heart broken and then feeling love or just simply being in love with the idea of love. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are all set to celebrate the season of love and sweep him off his feet.

ISTRI  is a fashion and lifestyle label that exudes wearable eccentricity. They are synonymous with all the things fun, offbeat and innovative. When eclectic art and fashion intertwined, ISTRI was born. In this post we have a Bardot Ruffle dress which is all flirty and most important of all, super comfy. This collection is for all those women who loves to wear hyper trendy clothes with premium quality at an affordable pricing.

Bardots – less glamorously known as off-the-shoulder tops. No offence to forearms, ankles or knees, but this season’s most displayed body part are likely to be shoulders. The collarbone-baring neckline is everywhere this year. It’s popularity ties in with fashion’s obsession with the 70’s.

One thing I love about this outfit is its colour. This pearl blush pink dress is completely a steal deal for this Valentine’s Day. Wait, are you thinking  Valentine’s Day is overrated? (Feelings are mutual my friend), but celebrating love isn’t. Have a date? good for you, go and sweep him off his feet. Don’t ? Go on a dinner date with your best-friend. Take your parents out. Dress up and take yourself out because self love is important ;). Just celebrate love, or else do what I do –

” If you have a broken heart, make art”.  Featuring ISTRI



1) Bardot Ruffle Dress – ISTRI
2) Heels – Koovs
3) Earrings – H&M
4) Golden Clutch – Thrifted

Shop the Bardot Ruffle dress here- @istri_story
Photography by – Shivam Vashisht @shivamphotoworks



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